It was the most incisive cross-examination …. a joy to listen to.

Called to the Bar in 2002, after previously being a WPC, and a civil solicitor (HCA).

Cathy McCulloch is known for her forensic attention to detail at all stages of a case. This underpins courtroom advocacy which can turn the course of a hearing or trial. She achieves results for her solicitor and lay clients by using a strong set of values, qualities and skills.

Thank you to you for your humanity and thoughtfulness. A rare quality.


  • Justice and Compassion for the client.
  • Partnership – Counsel, Solicitor and Lay Client work together.


  • Excellence.
  • Probity and Integrity in all her dealings.
  • Imagination and flair in applying the law.
  • Professionalism.
  • Style and humour – a human touch in a difficult situation.
  • Experienced – Called to the Bar in 2002, she has also worked as a Solicitor and a WPC.


  • Knowledge – of the law, and of how the Police think and work.
  • Advocacy – both written and verbal.
  • Adept and empathetic in handling vulnerable witnesses, victims, and children / young people.
  • Rape accredited.
    Cathy wrote guidelines for the Police on handling victims of sexual assault in 1984. Amended, they remain in use in court to this day.
  • Has received Commendations for her handling of Youth Matters from several Benches and Tribunals.
  • Press relations – deals with the media in an appropriate manner in high profile cases.

I’ve never met a Barrister before who is so open to justice