Cathy McCulloch’s legal knowledge, skill and understanding in many of the areas covered by Police Law are underpinned by professional experience as a Police Officer.

Five years of exemplary service as a WPC have given her a strong understanding from the inside of how the Police think and work.

St Edmund Chambers can assist in the following areas:

  • Civil disputes concerning the Police such as unlawful arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution, treatment in custody, claims concerning trespass and warrants, misfeasance in public office, personal injury
  • Disciplinary proceedings and appeals against Police Authorities
  • Inquests
  • Police-led applications such as PoCA, ASBO, Closure Orders, Sex Offender Orders
  • Firearms Applications and appeals arising therefrom
  • Disputes concerning privileged or copyright materials, goods and property
  • PII applications in the criminal and civil courts.

Further details of Cathy McCulloch’s police service are available on request.