On Friday 20th June at Ipswich Crown Court, Cathy McCulloch’s client was found not guilty on all counts after a trial lasting 7 1/2 weeks, including 7 days of jury deliberation. The news was reported in the East Anglian Daily Times (see picture), and the Bury Free Press.

With three other defendants in court, the case was prosecuted by a leading junior and junior. Several thousand pages of evidence and complex legal argument were involved.

Cathy was able to assist other counsel and the Court with her expertise in various aspects of company and contract law, including Directors’ duties arising out of the Companies Act 2006. In addition, she contributed to argument as to hearsay, admissibility including S78 of PACE, and possible severance. The case also demanded detailed investigation of the unused, including the use of a portable scanner to copy documents on site.

She was commended by other counsel for her ‘lethal’ cross-examination technique: “At the beginning, you set it up so that later, the witness would create an element of doubt regardless of how they answered.”Gill Eadt