Cathy McCulloch’s determined approach to disclosure issues made the national press on Friday 2nd February 2018. The story which follows was picked up by the Daily Mail and The Times (paywall).

Cathy represents one of three defendants in a multi-million drug supply case at Woolwich Crown Court. In November 2017, a trial was halted when two Police Officers sought during their testimony to introduce telephone and forensic evidence they had not previously disclosed. Retrial is due in April this year. Despite several Court Orders, the Metropolitan Police declined to make available the full mobile phone extraction reports relating to Cathy’s client. They claimed they could not afford a USB stick costing £13.69 on which to place the relevant data.

Instructed by Nelson Guest Solicitors, Cathy attended a Mention before HHJ Shorrock equipped with £15.00 cash. HHJ ordered that the Police comply with his previous order, failing which Instructing Solicitors are to supply the police with the necessary USB stick, and collect it once the data has been uploaded. HHJ will support the Defence in recouping their costs from the LAA and look sympathetically upon a s.78 Application (to exclude the relevant evidence) should the Police not comply.