On Tuesday 31st October 2017 Cathy McCulloch won an acquittal after a third trial. The first had been halted for lack of court time; the second and third were left to the jury to decide upon. Both juries were hung (unable to agree) and the Crown Prosecution Service have since decided not to go yet again.

Cathy established in cross-examination that the witnesses were all giving conflicting evidence on several points. Her closing speech was described as “inspired” by her client.

Cathy’s client sent her the following email:

I would like to mention the appointment of Cathy McCulloch…. her dedication and hard work , belief and trust was phenomenal.

Cathy’s research, cross examination and summation was inspired I am so grateful and appreciative for her representation of my case.

Cathy was a Godsend and I would highly recommend to anybody in similar situations.

Many thanks to Liberty Law Solicitors for their continued instructions, received through Cathy’s Door Tenancy at Church Court Chambers.