For those followers of St Edmund Chambers, it will come as no surprise that Cathy was not in favour of the “deal” between the CBA and the MoJ.  Furthermore she found it incredibly concerning and depressing to read of the apathy of the Bar to the vote itself.  Her view is now that a way must be found to take all members of the Legal Profession forward united.

St Edmund Chambers will do all they can to help all those loyal solicitors, colleagues and clients in our joint battle to preserve an accessible Criminal Justice System which is not merely for those who can afford to pay.

Furthermore, these Chambers have contributed to the LCSA/LCCSA JR Fund.

If there is a ‘no representation order’ campaign in your area, please let us know in writing as soon as possible so we can unite behind you.

These Chambers believe in accessible Justice for All and for an United Legal Profession.